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Why FundNAV?

Front Office

Real time portfolio for trader
Supports EMSX, Quik, FIX, FTP,
Stocks, bonds, futures, CFD,
Options, CDS, FX

Middle Office

Automated trades upload
Export to brokers
Custom reports for investors

Back Office

Real time NAV, daily NAV chart
Dividends, interest, coupons etc.
Simple and accurate accounting

Risk Management

Real time risk metrics
Exposures by 4 dimensions
Stress testing

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Our Features

FundNAV delivers user friendly experience of daily, weekly and monthly NAV accounting and reporting for funds or trading accounts across multiple markets, asset classes and instruments.

  Full scale NAV accounting
  Insightful live trading and investor reports
  Send trades confirmations to prime brokers
  Risk management
  Set up in a few minutes
  No prior experience required

Simple, fast and insightful. We merge technology and interface design to make comprehensive accounting simple, fast and insightful. The platform set up time averages in a few minutes and service time takes a few hours per week even for highly frequent trading portfolios. No prior experience in accounting is required. The platform may be operated by a trader during daily trades and risk metrics reviews without further distraction from trading.

Multiple markets. FundNAV platform allows account portfolios with instruments traded across more than 50 markets.

Full range of instruments. Stocks, bonds, futures, CFD, swaps, options, CDS and currencies are eligible for FundNAV accounting.

Full scale NAV accounting. All costs ranging from administration fees to dividends, coupons, interests, broker commissions or stamp duty fees are calculated automatically.

Set up in a few minutes. Try a demo and create your fund or portfolio account in a few minutes. Just name your fund or portfolio​​, upload transactions, set up a few settings and configure a connection with your trading platform for automated trades upload if needed.


Our portfolio software solution for trade accounting, hedge fund performance and NAV calculation includes front, middle and back office, as well as risk management sections.

Front office portfolio management system includes trading and investor reports allowing traders to make allocation decisions across multiple instruments, asset classes and strategies.
Fund NAV portfolio management system uploads transactions from your trading system such as Execution Management System (EMS) by FIX protocol in real time or by FTP protocol on a scheduled basis. OTC trades may be added manually allowing consolidation by our portfolio analysis software.

Middle office hedge fund accounting system captures daily accounts activities including trades, corporate actions, accruals for interest, fees and other movements for traders review, sending trade confirms and ensuring connectivity with Prime Brokers and Fund Administrators on a daily basis.
Back office section provides simple and accurate accounting details allowing understand NAV calculation clearly and detect discrepancies fast. We deliver NAV calculation in 2 ways: as a sum of cash balances and market values, as a sum of all PL, costs occurred and account movements. This twofold approach helps to double-check accounting and create an insightful map of a portfolio cost and profit sources.
Real time Risk Metrics Exposures by 4 dimensions Stress Testing

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